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Is Tramadol a Safe Pain Medicine?

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Medical science has evolved to a great measure. Today we have drugs that help us cope with diseases, pain, and discomfort. They help you regain control over your life and live happily. But as much as these drugs help us, they come with a potential risk of dependency, mild to severe side effects, and allergic reactions.

So when it comes to finding if Tramadol is a safe pain medication, there isn’t any easy way to answer it. But we will try. One of the best ways to weigh the risks associated with any drug is by consulting your doctor or pharmacist. They would help you get the needed information on the drug. They will review your medical condition and other health factors to decide if the drug is right for you or not. Tramadol is a common prescription drug and is used as pain medication. Safe pain medicine Tramadol comes with a similar warning of side effects, dependency, and allergic reactions.

A detailed history of Tramadol and laws associated with it

Tramadol got its first approval from FDA in 1995. It was not considered an opioid, like morphine and oxycodone, although the drug holds similar properties and effects. There are many cases of abuse and addiction with its use, and eventually, FDA designated it as a controlled substance. It means you would be required to hold a prescription to buy Tramadol 100mg online or off the counter.

Before you start using the drug, make sure to talk to your physician. It comes with the potential risk of abuse and addiction and is tightly regulated. Doctors, too, are not allowed to prescribe the drug for long-term use. The maximum number of refills a doctor can prescribe is five refills. If the treatment continues, every six months, the prescription has to be renewed.

Safety of drug

Almost every drug has some risk associated with it. If not dependency, there would always be some side-effects associated with overdose or allergic reaction warnings. Similarly, Tramadol too has some risks associated with it, but it still is at the safer end of the risk spectrum. Drugs such as Heroin are Schedule I drugs that have high abuse risk and no acceptable medical use. Similarly, OxyContin is a Schedule II drug that has a high risk of abuse but is acceptable for medical use. Tramadol is a schedule IV drug that is considered useful as a pain reliever and has a low potential for abuse. safe pain medicine Tramadol 100mg street value is $2, which has made it a cheap source for getting high. However, Tramadol offers treatment for osteoarthritis and other painful conditions.

What does the research say about Tramadol?

Research published in the medical journal JAMA  examined the risk of death in nearly, 90000 people after one year of the first prescription for Tramadol and other commonly recommended pain relievers such as diclofenac naproxen, and codeine. The participants were 50 years old and had osteoarthritis.

In comparison, it was found that Tramadol has more death risk than the drugs Naproxen, Diclofenac, and etoricoxib and had a similar death risk in people treated with codeine.


Every medical research has some factors that may cause it to draw faulty conclusions. But a major source of error in studies is called confounding. The above-mentioned study has been questioned time and time again due to many associated factors and is not widely trusted in the medical community.

The study does not factor all the health factors in a person to draw a reasonable conclusion. Factors such as liver function, long-term kidney disease, arthritis, and other factors may have caused the death of people taking Tramadol. But the study doesn’t take that into account.

The verdict

If you have been prescribed safe pain medicine Tramadol, it is recommended that you inform your doctor about all the health issues that you are currently facing. It is important for the doctor to know if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse in your family or other things, which might bring your closer to the risk of death on taking this Tramadol. Also, long-term use of the drug is highly discouraged; if the pain continued to linger, consult your doctor to recommend any other alternate therapy or treatment.

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